Unwavering Customer Focus

A key measure of our success is the level of engagement we have with our customers. Positive engagement comes from positive experiences, so we take responsibility to ensure we service, support and add value pro-actively and to an exceptional standard.

This doesn’t mean getting things right all the time, but it does mean that we’re constantly reviewing our offerings, processes, performance and strategies to find opportunities for marked improvements; ensuring we’re easy to deal with, as well as being versatile and flexible to changing demands.

Champion Teamwork

Our value of teamwork stretches beyond our internal functions and into the way we conduct ourselves in our markets. Where possible we collaborate with people and organisations with the aim of adding value throughout the entire supply chain and through to the end-user of our products and services.

Each function within Flexseal has an impact on our customer base. So, for us to truly execute a first class customer experience, our teams work cohesively towards common goals. This relies on transparency, understanding, involvement, idea sharing and most importantly shared action.

Promote Open Communication

Our company has thrived through open communication and we believe it’s what drives efficient and effective teamwork. By communicating quickly, directly, clearly and with openness and authenticity at the forefront, we achieve great things.

We also understand that communication is a two way street and we see the importance of listening with empathy and with a mindset of learning, be it with colleagues or customers. Effective communication internally and with external partners is a true driving force behind our success and the success of our partners.

Be Passionate

The wants, needs and desires of our people are connected with the core values and goals of our organisation. For a workforce to deliver excellence, passion must be deep rooted. With a network of partners, our passion is the fuel for ongoing supply chain success.

Our everyday activities are as important as our strategic decision making and we strive to approach everything we do with passion and determination.

Encourage Innovation

Our business is driven by the idea that everything can be improved upon through time and focus. Innovation and growth are ingrained in our culture, and this requires change. We see standing still as moving backwards so we’re always seeking new opportunities to better serve our customers, improve our processes and help our people grow.

This constant review process in every aspect of our business ensures we drive efficiencies, improve our effectiveness and truly add value in the markets we serve.

Seek Simplicity

As our company and customer base grows, it becomes easy to add complexity into our everyday activities, damaging our ability to remain agile and reactive. Our goal is to remove complexity from all areas of our business, making Flexseal easy to work with, giving us room to grow and ensuring change and innovation are easy to implement.

With a good level of autonomy, our people have the ability and responsibility to seek simplicity in everything we do.

Our Managing Director, Lee Pashley, says:

“We see these values as the foundation of our business. Engagement with our people and customers provides real insights to help improve each department and provide a great service to our customers. These values and our culture, combined with an ever-improving service to our customers, is the key driver for our success and one that keeps us humble and recognise where we can improve. Celebrating our successes, recognising personal growth and anniversaries for example, all add to the ingredients of striving to be a great employer and a good company to deal with.”