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Universal Multi-soil & Waste Connector

universal multisoil 1 200x2An effective solution for the connection of up to four waste water inputs into a single soil system.


The product is designed for installation into 100 & 110mm soil stacks, and provides a safe and secure connection for 32mm, 40mm & 50mm waste water pipes.

Features & Benefits

• High quality PVC and EPDM rubber construction for reliability and longevity.
• Accepts up to four waste water pipes without the need to change, cut or adapt inlets.
• Pipes can easily be removed to facilitate inspection.
• Unused inlets can be blanked off using the caps provided.
universal multisoil 2 200x2• Capped inlets allow for future usage if new waste water connections are installed.
• Internal design ensures that pipe inputs cannot flow into each other.
• Effectively channels water, ensuring good flow rates through the system.
• Design allows for thermal expansion of the soil pipe and inlet pipes.
• Integral pipe end stops - installation is secure and main pipes cannot fall into the connector and obstruct flow.
• The push fit principle means no solvent glues are required during installation.
• Water flow noise is reduced and contained in the connector.