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Fernco Drain Seal is specifically designed to prevent odours entering properties/buildings from drains. The EPDM rubber valve, which can be simply retro fitted into a riser pipe, acts as a one way valve allowing waste water to exit the building whilst blocking the return of odours, soapy suds, insects etc.

The EPDM rubber seal is moulded and designed as an easy to use, self-cleansing, single component device, with the flexibility to allow even low flow rates of waste water through. Furthermore, it provides the benefit of increasing the effectiveness of the water trap it is installed above, by creating an airtight seal which reduces the rate of water loss.

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Installation Steps


Drain Seal Step 1 Drain Seal Step 2 Drain Seal Step 3

Step 1

Remove the grate, clean the internal surface of the pipe and fold the drain seal as shown above.

Step 2

Insert the drain seal into the pipe. (There is no need to place the seal too far down the pipe)

Step 3

Smooth out the fold flush to the internal surface of the pipe ensuring parallel fit to the pipe completing the seal.


  • Fits 100mm pipes
  • Fit in seconds
  • Remove and re-fit as needed
  • No tools required
  • No lubricant required
  • Maintenance free
  • Self cleansing
  • No modifications to existing systems
  • Permanent cost effective solution
  • Stops insects, suds and odours
  • WaterMark: 022942
  • Approved to ASSE 1072:2007