The Icon Pushfit launched by Flexseal earlier this year aims to cut out hours of labour time for contractors who face problem pipe connections.

The product uses the internal surface of 4” plastic pipes to make a secure and watertight connection, where traditional methods could only use the external surface. The benefit of this is that if the pipe is cut at a wall or floor with no external surface to attach a drain coupling the connection can still be easily achieved by simply inserting the Icon Pushfit. The alternative to this would be to excavate the materials around the pipe to expose an external surface area. This could take hours when considering that the substances are usually hard materials, such as, brick or concrete.

Just like a traditional coupling, the Icon Pushfit is removeable, reusable and can be treated as a permanent fix.

Fitting Instructions:

  • Clean the internal surface of the pipe from slurry and debris.
  • Push the Icon into pipe 1 up to the product’s pipe stop.
  • Push pipe 2 onto the opposite end of the Icon.
  • A normal 4” connection can now be achieved in roughly 30 seconds, making the Icon Pushfit one of Flexseal’s fastest connecting products.